First Kiss

January 10th

Our lips meet for the first time. It is electric. The soft warmth of her lips; the feeling of our bodies pressed together; her head tilted back slightly; our souls blending together. I slide my hands to her upper arms and press her back against the wall. She lets out a moan that lets me know she longed for this.

We are in a conference room with the door closed but there are no locks. It is 10 in the morning on a workday. She had indicated yesterday that she might desire a kiss. I’m fully in tune with the way she communicates, and had actually planned to bring her here and kiss her before she mentioned it. We have both privacy, and the risk of someone walking in. Something that causes a thrill for both of us.We always seem to be on the same page. Racing down the road at night with the lights off, and neither one letting up on the accelerator. We both know where this is headed. We both know it is wrong and dangerous, and yet we can’t stop. We can’t even let up on the gas.

With my body pressed into her, both our bodies respond out of instinct. She can feel my excitement which makes her press her midsection forward into me. I slide her arms behind her against the wall, and move my right hand up to her neck. I put my hand gently around her throat and push up and back just enough to get her attention, and let her know who is in charge. She melts into me. Never resisting. Returning her kisses with even more passion.

She is a wonderful kisser. The warm softness of her lips. Eyes closed. Fully in the moment. Both of us living in our heads; in each others head; through our bodies. She presses forward with just enough force to meet me, and yet letting me lead. She turns her head to meet mine perfectly. She knows when to bite and when to hold back. It’s rough; sensual; intense; like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

My hand moves down now to explore her body. Although not discussed beforehand I can feel her long for my touch. She desires strongly to give herself to me, yet she is holding back for fear I will reject her. I understand, and move forward for her. Of course, it is also for me. I’ve dreamed of feeling her beautiful body many times. Now I have her pressed against the wall with our lips together and her arms pinned behind her. My hands are free to explore.

As they drift to her waistline and slowly lift her shirt, her head tilts back and she moans again. If I stopped now she would crash, but I don’t intend to stop. I let my right hand slide up under her shirt toward her breasts while my left slips around her back along her waistline pulling her hips into me. Her skin is smooth against my touch. She is beautiful though she does not know how beautiful. It is a dream to touch her body, and it is a dream for her to know that her body is desired.

My lips drift down to her neck while my right hand explores her breasts. This is a moment I’ve fantasized about, and I never thought would happen. She is mine. I move the ball forward again, knowing what she wants. I roughly squeeze what is now mine. I slide her bra down, and pinch her between my fingers, pulling outward. Her back arches, and she is breathing hard now. Eyes closed as she enjoys the pain and drifts deeper into her own mind. She has longed for this for some time. To be in my embrace; in my control; to give herself to me; to feel.

After roughly twenty minutes against the wall I decide to bring it to a close. She would never stop me if I didn’t stop myself. She would give herself to me completely. I know this, and have to fight to stay in control of the moment. To stay in control of myself, and not let it go too far. I slide my hands out from under her shirt, and move to soft gentle kisses. She can feel the intensity slow. She opens her eyes, and kisses me gently back.

I can feel her start to soften. To crash downward a little. We move to hugs as she holds me for the first time since we entered the room. We don’t need words to communicate. We never have. I gently run my fingers over her cheeks while our foreheads are pressed together. Our noses just touching. Our breathing slows, and we softly smile at each other. Those bashful loving smiles. Where you move from the intensity, where you are barely yourself, back into a semi-reality just holding your lover. Not quite believing what just happened, and who you were.

I take her hand and move her to a chair at the table. We sit facing each other with our legs intertwined and holding each other’s hand. We are close enough to lean in for kisses which we take plenty advantage of. Staring into each other’s eyes we speak for the first time since entering the room.

“How are you doing?” I ask.

“Really great. I… I just can’t believe it.” She replied.

“Can’t believe what?” I ask with an inquisitive smile.

“That you are real.” She says, looking directly into my eyes. I squeeze her hands. A tear starts to roll down her cheek. “Everything… it was… it was perfect. Somehow you know exactly what I want. You know exactly what to do to me. It’s remarkable. The way you hold me. Your hand on my throat. You just know what I need. When to be rough, and when to be soft. I just can’t believe you are real, and here with me.”

Hearing this makes me smile. How can she not know that it is I who can’t believe she is real? She is giving me a dream. I am the one who is gaining the most from our budding relationship. At least that is how I feel.

“Oh baby,” I reply as I wipe the tear from her cheek. “That’s the sweetest thing anyone has said to me. I am real. I am yours. I’ve never known anyone like you, and you have to believe me when I say that you are a dream for me. Everything I did – the way I treat you – it is not an act. It is not something I have to think about, and wonder what you want. It is just a natural response to being with you. We are so completely in sync it’s hard to believe. I wonder if I need to pinch myself to know if any of this is true.”

She smiles sweetly back. A smile that conveys an understanding between us. We sit for a bit longer. Talking a little more about what we experienced, and how wonderful it was, while we wait for the adrenaline to wear off. Eventually it does.

I lean forward holding her head in my hands, and kiss her softly on the forehead. “You are a beautiful and wonderful woman. Thank you.” I say to her.

She blushes. We stand and hug. Then we walk out of the conference room, and back to work.


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