The Secretary

January 17th

Text conversation with Meredith (M). 

M: Have you seen the movie The Secretary?

R: No. Is that the horse movie?

M: What? No. you’re thinking of Secretariat. This is The Secretary.

R: never heard of it.

M: I made my husband watch it with me several years ago. It’s about a woman with some mental health issues and she ends up in a BDSM relationship with her boss.

R: whoa…

M: yeah

R: Um, you’re telling me this because…

M: I think you should watch it.

R: hmm. You want me to watch a movie about having a BDSM relationship with an employee?

M: What? Is that wrong?

R: Yes. On a number of levels!

M: You’re a dork. So I made my husband watch it. It was several years ago. I was hoping it would help.

R: I’m guessing it did not. What did you want him to see?

M: Me! I wanted him to see who I am. I identify strongly with the main character.

R: I really need to see this movie.

M: uh huh. Well you already know this about me, but I still think you should see it.

R: I will. In fact I’ll try to watch it with my wife so she can see too. Maybe it can help her understand.


One week later. 

R: watched The Secretary last night.

M: Yeah? What did you think?

R: It was kind of incredible. The power exchange was really amazing.

M: mmmm. Yes it was.

R: when he made her bend over his desk…

M: I really liked those scenes.

R: You have fantasies about your boss at work?

M: Uh, yeah. It’s sexy. I’ve always fantasized about being taken by my boss in his office.

R: Really?!

M: uh huh. And to climb under his desk and take care of him. I don’t know, the thought of it makes me really excited.

R: Wish I had an office. Maybe a conference room will do.

M: You’re the boss. Whatever you think is best. 🙂

R: I think for now what I’d like to do is recreate that first scene in his office.

M: The one with her reading leaning over the desk?

R: Yeah.

M: OMG. Ok.

R: Are you ok?

M: Yes! Breathing hard. You really want this too? 

R: Uh yes. This is a dream to have someone like you.


Later that afternoon

R: Hey, I booked a conference room downstairs in 20 minutes for us.

M: K

R: I want you to go down at 2:30 and wait for me.

long pause

R: Is everything ok?

M: I’m not sure. It’s just…i don’t know.

R: Hey it’ll be ok. It’s going to be like that first scene. Nothing too risque.

M: Ok. I’m not good at holding back. I want you to touch me. But can we keep away from between my legs and my breasts?

R: Yes absolutely. I’ll focus on your ass. And maybe your legs, and back. And maybe a pull of your hair?

M: That sounds good I’m seriously turned on. You can decide what you need to do. I trust you.

R: Then I’ll see you down there in 15.

M: I mean it. You’re in charge. Just …. take care of me.

R: I always take care of you. I’m looking forward to making you my little submissive slut.

M: Me too, JFC!

R: I’m going to make you bend over a conference room table at work. For your boss. You will submit to me.

M: Fuck!


I walk into the conference room. The lights are on. Meredith is in a chair on the opposite side of the room waiting for me. Her notebook and pen before her on the desk. She has this grin on her face that is half sheer excitement and half morbid fear in anticipation of what is about to happen. She looks absolutely stunning in her dark skirt and her low v-neck blouse. Gray tights down to her ankle high boots.

When I walk into the room her eyes are on me, but her head is tilted slightly down. Her elbow on the table and her hand playing nervously with her earring. The angle of her head leaves her eyes peering up at me. It’s quite a sexy and submissive look. She is a natural at this game. She’s waiting for me to take control.

I close the door, and walk to the table. I place three sheets of paper on the table. It’s an article I printed out before heading down. I turn to Meredith.

“Stand up. Walk over here and place your hands and elbows on the table and begin reading this page.” I stand to the side so she can lean over the table. She glances up at me as she leans over and gives me a very suggestive look. She is ready for this.
In fact this moment is something we are both ready for. It’s not the first time she’s been submissive to me. It is the first time with physical contact. The anticipation is high for both of us.

I know that I have her in this room for an hour. No one will be looking for us. Yet I need to save time to care for her at the end. The intensity of this game, even mentally, makes her crash afterward if she can’t be brought down gently.

She is now face down leaning over the conference room table. Her legs are straight and her ass looks amazing bent at 90 degrees. She knows to keep her back straight. She’s really good at this game. She starts reading from the article about some mundane stock report. It’s not about the article. The article keeps her focused and obeying me.

At first I just walk around and look at her. Watching her sexy body. Telling her quietly how sexy she is. She feeds on the attention. Knowing my eyes are all over here in that compromised position. Then I move up behind her and run my hand over her ass. Feeling the cotton skirt under my fingers. She takes a short breath and keeps reading. She was eagerly anticipating my touch.

Now I move my body directly behind her. Both hands on her hips. I pull myself toward her. Pressing my crotch against her ass, and squeezing it in the process. She stops reading, her head tips back slightly, and she moans as she feels my cock against her through our clothes.

“Keep reading.” I tell her.

“Yes Sir.” She replies and goes back to her article.

I keep myself pressed against her and rub my hands over her body. Moving them down to her upper thigh and also over her back to her shoulders. I can feel her warmth against me. Her reading and breathing in general have changed pace. It’s hard to hear the words formed. I crack a slight smile knowing how much this is affecting her.

“Do you like being bent over, slut?” I ask.

“Yes” she groans.

“You enjoy being bent over this conference room table by your boss? With his dick pressed against your ass?”

“God yes” she moans again.

I move my hand all the way up her back. Reaching up and grabbing her hair, pulling her head back in one fast controlled motion.

“You need this don’t you, you dirty slut?” I ask her.

“Yes Sir. I need this. I’m your dirty slut, Sir.” She says.

“Yes you do. You’re a good little slut.” I say as a twist her head a little to one side. The goal being to keep her off balance. So she remembers who is in control. She is being extremely obedient. Her resemblance to the character in The Secretary is striking. 

“Mmmm. God you are so sexy.” I say as I remove my hand from her hair. Letting her head drop down. I then run my hands down her back to her ass. As I do this she instinctively arches her back down. It’s so sexy and she does it very well. I grab her hips and start pulling her back into me. Building a rhythm. Only an inch or two, but enough that she can feel my cock slam against her ass. She is breathing hard and deep. No longer able to focus on reading.

I pull away from her and sit in the chair by her side. Running my hands over her ass and legs. I love feeling those legs even through the tights. She holds still, letting me enjoy her body.

“Start reading again.” I tell her it takes her a minute to find a place to start. I know her reading will be difficult. Her voice has changed to where she is almost breathing the words now. When she is reading it’s easier for me to judge her emotional state.

With my hands slowly moving up and down her legs I give her gentle squeezes periodically. I don’t want to just feel this body, I want to know this body. Finally after this teasing I allow my right hand to drift up under her skirt. I follow the back of her leg all the way to her ass. The fabric of her skirt presses my hand into her body, and I can feel the outline of her lacy panties under the tights.

She stops reading and lets out a moan. She is completely lost in the moment. My hands are so close to her pussy and I know she wants me to go there, but I’m going to hold to my word earlier. Even so, I have my hands under her skirt, and she is enjoying this violation immensely. Her pussy is probably soaked due to my hands roaming over her body. 

“Baby you are so sexy. I love feeling this sexy body.” I tell her. She can’t form any words to respond. I just listen to her heavy breathing. “You would do anything to please your boss, wouldn’t you?” I continue.

“Yes… anything sir.” She manages.

“Your boss’s hands are up your skirt feeling you up. Is this what you dream about?” I ask, and then give her ass a big squeeze.

She can’t respond. She’s too focused on the excitement.

“Is this making you wet, slut? Being bent over a desk at work by your boss so he can run his hands under your skirt?” I ask.

“Yes. I’m so wet.” She squeaks.

“You’re being used by your boss. You’re making his cock so hard. You want to be used. You need to be used by me.” I tell her.

“Use me, please.” She says.

“With you bent over like this wearing such a sexy low cut shirt you give a great view of your tits, too.” I say as I pull my hand out from under her skirt and start to walk around the table. “And you’re stuck in that position because you will obey me. I want you to keep reading while I get a good look at your tits.”

She lifts her head to look at me while I step in front of her. As I get seated in a chair she looks down at the page and tries to read. Her mind isn’t working well. It takes her a few breaths to get started. I settle in with a smile on my face, but my eyes are dark and powerful. She could see that look when she watched me walk around the table.

“Mmmm. You have beautiful tits. Look at them hanging down. I can see the nice valley between them.” I said as she kept reading. She loves that feeling of being exposed. Knowing that I’m staring at her breasts makes her flush. They do look good too. A solid B cup, with her shirt hanging down as if to cover a C cup. I can clearly see her bra, a nice black one with white lace at the top, and all the cleavage I can handle. It looks so good. It’s more than I can take just looking.

I reach my hand out, and run my fingers along her cheek line. She pauses her reading and closes her eyes. I keep my hand running slowly down her neck to her collar bone where I pause. She’s breathing hard again. We both want more.

“I know I promised, but I really want to feel your tits.” I said. I know this is me succumbing to my own weakness. But I am only human. She knows it too. It feels wrong to ask her in the moment like this, but I cannot stop myself. “Can I feel your tits? Or would that be too much for you right now?”

“You can feel them. They’re yours.” she whispers. Eyes still closed. There is a part of her that wants to hold to our original agreement, but most of her wants to feel my hands all over her body. It’s something she craves as much as I do.

“Thank you. You are a beautiful woman. So sexy.” I then let my hand continue down from her collar bone to the space between her breasts. My heart is racing. First I run my hand over the top of the bra, both breasts, and just get a feel for her. Then I slip my hand under the bra. Feeling her nipple. At this first touch she lets out a gasp. She keeps her eyes closed, enjoying the moment.

“Fuck baby, you have amazing tits. Mmmm…” I say to let her know how much I’m enjoying this. I take a few minutes to enjoy them. Squeezing them, rubbing them, running my hand down toward her belly and back again. It’s wonderful. I’m turned on beyond belief.

“I’m not done. Stay there.” I say as I stand up and walk behind her. Again I position myself with my cock pressed up against her ass, but this time I run both hands down her sides, under her shirt, to her breasts. I slip both hands under her bra. Pushing it up and out of the way. I squeeze them both pretty hard, and start slamming my body into hers.

“You are so fucking sexy. Bent over getting used by your boss.” I am in near heaven. She is sexy, and absolutely melting with my words and the way I’m treating her. It is incredible how in tune we are. She hasn’t moved this entire time while I’ve been using her body.

I press her bra up further so her breasts are not covered by it at all, and then pull my hands out from under her shirt. Taking my left hand I grab her by the hair and yank her head back. Then I move a little to my left and give her ass two quick smacks with my right hand.

“You are a dirty girl. You need to be punished by your boss. You need to feel this pain.” I tell her.

“Yes I do. Thank you, Sir.” She replies.

Unfortunately the walls are too thin for me to really give her the spanking she needs. Especially with coworkers on the other side of those walls. Instead I pull firmly on her hair and place my other hand on her hip. I move my body into hers as if we are fucking. Making her titties shake. I slide my free hand back under her shirt to cup her breast and feel it bounce back and forth. Her arms are still on the table. She is giving herself to me. 

I let go of her hair and her head drops down. I slide both hands to her tits. With my finger tips I pinch her nipples and I can hear a quiet moan from her. While our bodies bounce into each other I hold myself to her by her nipples. It creates a wonderfully sharp pain for her. Each bounce adds a little more. 

“These are my titties, slut. You belong to me.” I say to her confidently. 

“Yes sir. My body is yours, sir.” She replies slowly between breaths. 

Letting go of her soon to be sore nipples she quickly sucks in air as she winces at the pain. Then breathes out slowly. I slide my hands down her sides, feeling as much of her beautiful body as I can. When I get to her hips I grab them firmly. My pace slows but I press into her firmly. Enjoying the pressure and the sexual nature of what we are performing. 

I loosen my grip on her and say “Please stand up for me.” She slowly raises her head and then her body to stand. I wrap an arm under her shoulder to help her, and also to spin her around to face me. Her eyes are glazed over, and her breathing is still heavy. I slide my hand up under her shirt and readjust her bra to where it should be. She cracks a slight smile as she knows I’m taking care of her. 

Then I wrap my arms around her, and lean in to kiss her. We kiss deeply. We must. The desire and tension is so high that we must start kissing at an intense level. I let my hands roam her body but avoid her breasts. 

I sit her down in a chair as I kneel in front of her and we keep kissing. The kisses become more tender now. My hands caress her face. I can feel her start to come down. Returning to reality. It’s never fun to return. Our touch and our kisses are sweet and tender. Full of love. 

Meredith starts to cry. “Could you hold me for awhile?” She asks. 

“Of course I can sweetie.” I sit back in another chair and she climbs in my lap. Our heads together. I wrap my arms around her and kiss the tears running down her face. “You are wonderful. Thank you so much for this.”

She asks “You really enjoyed this? I have a hard time believing you’re real.”

“Oh sweetie. Of course I enjoyed it. This was a dream of mine. You keep finding ways to fulfill my dreams.” I respond. 

She laughs a little between sniffles. “I’m sorry I’m crying.” She says. “It’s just overwhelming to do this. I’m still conflicted too. But I think I’m emotional because we just can’t end these well when we meet.”

“I know what you mean.” I say. “There is only so far we can go. Hey you’re going to be ok.”

We cuddled for quite awhile longer. Thankfully I booked plenty of time. She started to feel better, and we were able to talk again like normal. As well as share a few kisses. She’s such a sweetheart. I’m so lucky to be able to bring out her dirty side. 


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