The Rules: Part One

January 23rd

Text conversation between Meredith and myself. We were both taking public transportation to work, and had time to text before we arrived. 

R: Going forward there will be rules for you to follow. 

M: Yes, Sir. What rules do you want for your slave?

R: I need time to consider all of them. We will start with just a few today. First, every morning on the way in you must tell me how you are feeling. As your Master I must know your emotional state to take care of you properly. 

M: Yes, Sir. I can do that. 

R: Second, you must text me after you have sex with a thumbs up for each orgasm you have. Or a thumbs down if you had sex but no orgasm. 

M: Yes, Sir. 🙂

R: For the moment I cannot control when you orgasm, but this will force you to make all your sexual encounters known to me. Lastly, you must present yourself to me each day when I call for you. 

M: Yes, Sir. I like your rules. 

R: When you present to me you will face me, turn around when I give you the signal, wait a few seconds and then face me again. You will not speak to me. I will dismiss you and you will return to your desk. Do you understand?

M: I understand. Thank you Sir. I look forward to following your rules. And Sir?

R: Good. Yes?

M: You want to know how I’m feeling today. I’m really horny and excited. 

R: I’m glad to hear it. I will have to think of ways to use that energy. We will start the rules today, slut. 

M: Yes, Sir! I need your rules Sir. And 👍🏼 for last night. It wasn’t enough, Sir. 

R: Fuck, you are a horny little slut. Today I want you to stop thinking. To do everything I tell you without question. If you do that you will be taken care of. 

M: oh Sir. Please take care of me. I need it bad today. Anything you want Sir. My body is yours to use. 


Fuck, this is going to be a long day without a lot of work getting done. She is off the charts horny today which makes her ultra submissive. She knows exactly what to say to put my brain in dominant gear. Right now my cock is hard as a rock as I’m sitting on the bus planning how I’m going to use my slut today within the confines of the office, and our own personal limits. 

You see we haven’t had sex yet. But I think a couple well placed fingers will get her off more than enough. She hasn’t sucked my cock yet either. These are some serious lines we are thinking of crossing, but have not pushed yet. It’s hard to stop the freight train of desire, and I suspect it’s only a matter of time. We both want this, and we’ve never been so close to having it before. She needs rules. She needs a dominant in control of her. I need a little submissive to control. 


On messenger at work.

R: Meredith I need you to come to my cube for presentation. 

M: I’ll be right down, boss. 


In a few seconds she is at the opening of my cube. Our cube walls are about 6′ high. I’m seated in my chair, and I spin around to face her. My eyes are dark and my grin is almost evil. She can see I’m in charge. Even while seated a few feet away from her in a full office environment, when she sees me like that she loses herself to me. 

She is standing in front of me in a tight gray patterned wrap dress. It has a low V neck and ends just above the knee. She has black tights down to ankle high boots. Very sexy. I start with her eyes to make sure she is watching while I inspect her. She needs this humiliation as much as I need to give it to her. She wants her Master to make her feel like an object. 

My eyes start down her body. Her neck; down to her breasts where they pause for a sec; down her belly and waist; taking in her hips and those sexy legs. The whole time she is standing still and watching me watch her. The feeling of being commanded to just stand there while I very visibly let my eyes roam over her entire body makes her heart race. She can’t help but to get a little flushed, and her breathing gets deeper. 

Then I put my hand up and twirl my finger to indicate time to turn around. Now her ass is facing me and I take my time taking in her sexy backside. After a few seconds she turns back around. She waits for me to release her, but I make one more visible pass over her body slightly biting my lip. It is almost too much for her to be ogled like this. 

Now I take my hand and wave it back toward her cube. She turns and walks back to her desk, but she puts a little extra sway in her step. She knows I’m watching her walk away. 


Back on our private text messaging.

R: Tell me, my sexy slut, how did that make you feel?

M: OMG. I loved it. My heart was racing. Your eyes on me was so sexy. I couldn’t get enough. JFC it made me horny. I hope you enjoyed the presentation, Sir. 

R: I loved the presentation. You look very good. You obeyed your master very well. 

M: I just want to please you, Sir. Feeling exposed like that is such a turn on. How did you know that about me?

R: Yes you need that. I don’t know how I know these things about you. I can just tell you that I understand you, and have an innate sense for what you need. Being exposed is one of those things. Dressing for me is another. 

M: I just can’t believe it. It’s like you’re in my head. It’s all true. Thank you. 

R: You’re welcome my slut. 


These new rules give Meredith a chance to think of me at various points in the day, and to start to learn to obey me. They also have a hidden benefit of causing her to dress even more sexy than before. She desires so strongly to make me happy that she only wears the dresses that I enjoy. 

Now that our first presentation is complete I must figure out what to do with the rest of today. My slave needs to be satisfied . . . and so do I. 


Over the course of the next few weeks these daily inspections would become our ritual. She performed them once a day when I asked. They were always performed among our co-workers so we had to be sly about it. She loved being objectified, and would often tell me how much pleasure she received from the inspections. 


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